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Penetrant Liquid Testing (PT - FPI)
The liquid penetrant is a product used in non-destructive testing of materials that allows you to highlight the shortcomings of structural integrity of a material.

The control method is based on capillary action of a low surface tension liquid, which place in contact with a clean, dry surface penetrates into any discontinuities present on it.
Piercing the liquid can be applied to the components to be tested by immersion, spray or brush. After an appropriate contact time (referred to as penetration time), the excess penetrant is removed and is applied to a detector or developer who favors the escape of the penetrant from discontinuities allowing formation of the indication that becomes visible to the inspector, under UV-A or visible light, depending on which are fluorescent penetrant employed or contrasting color.

Dye penetrant inspection is a particularly effective method
to highlight and find surface discontinuities of a material

Swing away comparator (overview)

Indications surface to control
fluorescent penetrant liquids (PT - FPI)

A residue of a persistent clique
after an attempt to removal by mechanical working,
detected on a component of a liquid oxygen turbopump

FEATURES: tubs of useful size 800 x 700 x 800 (h) mm

  • Degreasing with aqueous alkaline cleaner with ultrasonic device
  • Manual washing with service side + drying station with hot air recirculation
  • Post-emulsified penetrant (ID2)
  • Post-emulsified penetrant (ID3)
  • Manual pre-wash with weir and UV lamp, min. 300 μW / cm2 - max 100 lux
  • Emulsification with manual handling of parts
  • Piercing Washable in water (IA2)
  • Piercing Washable in water (IA3)
  • Dry the final manual with weir and UV lamp, min. 300 μW / cm2 - max 100 lux
  • Air dry and clean for removing excess aqueous residue
  • Drying station with hot air recirculation - With cockpit SAT and TUS
  • Detector application in dry powder form "a"
  • Inspection booth - Dimensions mm 3000x2000x2500 H <20 lux at curtains closed - Rotating table for additional inspection

Non Destructive Testing with Penetrant Liquid PT
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