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Magnetic Particle Testing (MT - MPI)
The magnetic particle control is a non-destructive test method for the detection of surface discontinuities and sub-surface in ferromagnetic materials. Ferromagnetic materials are materials that can be magnetized to a level such as to allow an effective inspection. Are, iron, cobalt, nickel and their magnetic alloys. The control with magnetic particles is able to detect, surface cracks near foldings cold joints in mergers, lamination defects, lack of fusion and the gluing near the surface, and fatigue cracks. It 'also indicated to highlight linear inclusions and porosity on the surface or in proximity to the surface. The technique uses the principle, that during the magnetization of a ferromagnetic material, the magnetic lines of force [the magnetic flux lines] pass through this medium magnetically conductive. If the lines of magnetic flux affecting an area with different magnetic permeability as a discontinuity close to the surface, a part of these lines of flux is deflected and flows out above the surface of the material giving rise to the indication that becomes detectable for the ' inspector, under UV-A light. or visible, depending on that they are used fluorescent or colored consumables.

Magnetic particle inspection is a particularly effective method
to highlight and find surface discontinuities of a material

Detail of a plant for magnetic particle inspection

Inclusion does not outcropping on a detected bearing ring to control magnetic particle

Cracks caused by the operation incorrect grinding (grinding abuse) detected control magnetic particle on a gear made from a hardening steel (18NCD5)

The magnetic particle inspection can be performed with the dry or wet powders.
The powders have a magnetic permeability with a relatively low rate of residual magnetism, so that you keep attached to the material as long as the magnetic action is applied.

Non Destructive Testing with Magnentic Particle MT
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